I am an Australian Contemporary Artist who works full time as an artist. I have a university Degree in Fine Arts.  I hope to encourage a connection to our unique environment in my newest body of work Grasslands. In this body of work is an interpretation of grasslands supporting rich bird life. I hope to express this rugged beauty by focusing on the Birds that live in this environment. I often include wildlife such as Crows, Ravens  and Eagles and cockatoos to bring energy and antics to the painting creating interest and narrative to the small birds struggle.
In their non-disturbed state native grasslands are magnificent, and vibrant parts of biological tapestry. Once covering vast tracts of continent’s plains. The grassland are now among our most vulnerable and endangered habitats due to urbanization.
People are growing aware of the need to protect our coral reefs, our forests and our grassland plains. Our environment is being discussed more and more, and I hope to stimulate care and concern for this place we call home through my ‘Grassland series’ artworks.