My COVID19 isolation series commenced on the 3rd April 2020. I am now in lock-down in Sydney Australia due to the virus. Australia, like most of the countries in the world, is trying to slow the virus down in order to prevent it from overwhelming the hospitals. At this point a couple of weeks in, with some cities recording 2000 deaths per day we are all fearful of contracting the virus and are self-isolating in the hope of avoiding encountering the virus.

While in isolation, I’ve had time to think about how the current events make me feel. The fear, the warnings, the eerie empty streets and the distrust of the people near you. I wanted to capture the social distancing measures and considered how to portray them in a single graphic using ‘Key’ words from the media.

I was influenced by ‘graffiti style’ art when I recently flew to Miami USA in December 2019 to exhibit in Miami Art week Art Basel. It was fantastic to participate in the giant Art Show. One of my favourite pastimes was walking the streets in my lunch break… I just fell in love with the fantastic street art. I’d walk around photographing and studying the vibrant works. I remember thinking I'd love to try my hand one day when I get time…Isolation has afforded me a great opportunity to try something new. I plan to only create these works for a short time to try out a new style alongside my usual environmental art.

I feel that artwork from COVID 19 era will be very important in the future by motivating people to ask ‘what happened’? We will explain that virtually within a week the whole world shut down, governments made new punitive laws for people to isolate, disinfect, wear masks and stay home.
These works are now being exhibited at Persues Gallery, New York and also represented on Artsy website. see links below
I have created art works on Pull up masks. However, I have created their own dedicated store