Searching victoria velozo 50 x70 cm oil
SOLD Sparrow Connection
Handful of gold
Sold - The Midnight Sea
Sold Victoria Velozo  50 x 70 cm
Sold Seedlings
Sold Sapplings Victoria Velozo
SOLD In our Sights
Gypsy Sky
Cry of Achillies
Pink Parrots Major Mitchelles__Victoria Velozo _
seeds of pride
Sold Gypsy Kiss 90 x 60cm victoria velozo
Evening Quest
sold Moment of Pride
All for One
Moondance 50 x 70 victoria velozo  oil o
singing dawn
Twos Company
Reflectivity 90 x 60 victoria velozo  oil
Us Against The World
Sold Sage 92 x 45 victoria velozo  oil on can
Water birds
Watching and Waiting
SOLD Out on a Limb
The Master and the Apprentice
Handful of Aces
Master and the Apprentice
Chief Kidder
Wild Grace 50 x 70 victoria velozo  oil
sold-the guardian
With a Promise
SOLD Exalted
Born to Power
Sold Midnight Searching
Velvet sky
SOLD pretty fly
Sold- The Highest Perch
Sold Sweet success victoria velozo 92x92cm 20
Sold Hear the music
Sold Elephant walk
Wild Moves victoria velozo 90 x 60cm oil
mystique beauty 90 x 60 victoria velozo
Red Birds Victoria Velozo2015 Oil paint o
Travel With No Regrets
gold ambition.
Sold Sea drift
Sold Blue Jellyfish

2021 Portfolio Gallery: Victoria Velozo

Artist Statement

I create contemporary semi-abstracts. My style is quite unique as it combines two artistic styles. I have blended contemporary abstract oil painting with traditional realism watercolor. I delight in combining these genres as I love the softness of the watercolor in contrast to the vibrancy of the oil paint. I also enjoy the contrast of the Realism and Abstract movements.

In this body of work I hope to encourage a connection to the environment. In their non-disturbed state grassy plains are magnificent, and vibrant parts of biological tapestry. Once covering vast tracts of the continent’s plains. The grassland are now among the most vulnerable and endangered habitats due to urbanization. I express the rugged beauty by focusing on the birds and animals that live in this environment. I include birds such as Sparrows, Eagles, Parrots Crows and Ravens to bring energy, create interest and narrative.

I would describe my own personal style as continuously creating tension in the artwork. I achieve this through the combined use of premediated realism and abstract improvisation, where the realism is used as a measure of my ability and the abstract work displays my artistic expression. I also create tension in the painting though a juxtaposition of styles, combining a range of traditional painting mediums such as oil, watercolor and acrylic paint together in the same painting. I particularly enjoy the contrast of the vividness of the oil paint against the softness of the watercolor. Often the final varnish is also used as a tool to create contrast with ultra-gloss used alongside matte varnish. I believe this technique serves to make a powerful painting and stamps my own style.

People are growing aware of the need to protect our coral reefs, our forests and our grassland plains. Our environment is being discussed more and more, and I hope to stimulate care and concern for this beautiful habitat in this collection of works. Buy original art online